King of Kalimpong - UE 4

I started porting King of Kalimpong from its Unity prototype to Unreal Engine 4 a few months ago. I've released two playable alpha builds as of December 2014.

Currently, there is a half-baked training mode and a dedicated server running a single free-for-all multiplayer map. Release 0.8.1 (the most recent one) was a port from blueprints to C++ for the purposes of optimizing network performance, fixing crashes, and making the codebase easier to iterate on. Release 0.8.2 will introduce teams and a capture-the-flag game mode.

You can watch a gameplay video here and download a playable build here.

tools: c++, unreal engine 4

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Unreal Engine 4: RVO avoidance

This is my first accepted pull request for Unreal Engine 4. It allows vehicles to perform RVO (Reciprocal Velocity Obstacle) avoidance, and is configurable from Blueprints.

I refactored the CharacterMovementComponent dependencies out of the AvoidanceManager and created an interface for objects implementing RVO Avoidance. I then implemented this interface in the WheeledVehicleMovementComponent, translating the RVO-calculated velocity to the vehicle steering and throttle inputs. Lastly, I exposed the RVO parameters to blueprints.

tools: c++, unreal engine 4


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Pivotal Tech Talk: Faking the Speed of Light

Pivotal NYC were kind enough to allow me to ramble about designing multiplayer games, why they're relevant, and how game developers overcome the reality of latency to create good-feeling gameplay experiences.

tools: face, pie-hole

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Hovercraft - Unreal Engine

I built this Hovercraft prototype in Unreal Engine 4. It's a little buggy, but it mostly works, and it's completely free and open source.

I'm using translation instead of simulated physics, but I'm planning a physics implementation and network replication.

tools: unreal engine 4, blueprints, maya


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Timedog is a command line utility that continuously creates restore points while you work. If you encounter file corruption or accidentally discard your changes, you can use Timedog to restore them.

I wrote Timedog because I was tired of losing work due to crashes and corruption, especially when working with binary files. It is very much a work in progress and is currently in a primitive state.

tools: ruby, bash


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Blimp is an open source utility for keeping large files out of git repositories by syncing them to S3. I wrote it because I wanted to version binaries in game development repos across machines and platforms within a small team.

At the moment its feature set is fairly limited because it's about a day old, but it will eventually be integrated with git and much better behaved.

tools: ruby, git, bash


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King of Kalimpong

King of Kalimpong is a full-physics, multiplayer battle game. Your vehicle is a very destructible Maruti Omni outfitted with a boulder-launching slingshot.

King of Kalimpong is being developed in Unity. I've completed a multiplayer prototype and playtested it, but there is a lot of work to be done around smooth networked physics, lag compensation, and client-side prediction before it can be released.

tools: unity3d, c#, unityscript, ulink, multiplayer networking, physics, vector math

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Workspaces is a collection of reviews of places to work, like cafes, libraries, and coworking spaces. The review criteria are tailored to people who work on their computer in public places. Workspaces was built on Meteor and is powered by the Google Maps and Google Places APIs.

Meteor is notorious for its reactive interface; changes to the database are propagated to clients immediately. I was working with a third party API so I had to manually hook map movement up to a geospatial query for reviews, but Meteor makes even that process very simple.

tools: meteor, coffeescript, html, sass, handlebars, google maps/places api, mongodb

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Swim is a game about a turtle. It is a single-player adventure game set in an underwater, earth-like environment.

Swim is being developed in Unity3D and is very much incomplete. I've completed 3 prototypes and their subsequent playtests, but I've put development on hold to finish King of Kalimpong.

tools: unity3d, c#, vector math, blender3d, 3d modeling, 3d animation


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Spacebook is a collection of 6000+ high resolution photos of space for iPhone and iPad. The images and descriptions are sourced from Astronomy Picture of the Day (with their permission).

The iOS client is written in Objective-C and the API is written in Rails. Image cuts are stored on S3 and served through Cloudfront. The sorted sets of image data are calculated asynchronously and written to Redis, and all requests are cached with Varnish until invalidated.

tools: objective-c, ruby, rails, rspec, mysql, redis, varnish, s3, ec2

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MathMarker is an adaptive math teaching tool for elementary and middle school students. As the student works, the app determines where they need more practice and routes them accordingly. I've been working on this project for the past year with Cassandra Tognoni, who knows everything about education, which is good because I don't know anything about education.

MathMarker was built in Rails and is deployed on Heroku.

tools: ruby, rails, rspec, cucumber, postgresql, heroku

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GOOD is a social network and publishing platform for civic-minded people.

I've worked on a lot of projects at GOOD. I used to maintain the PHP CMS, I was part of the team that built and scaled a social network in Rails, and I've worked on scaling GOOD Maker. I also built my first-ever Rails app at GOOD: No-charts.

tools: ruby, rails, rspec, cucumber, php, mysql, mongodb, redis, golang, varnish, ec2, s3, akamai, html, sass, javascript, coffeescript

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Finishing Spacebook

I wrote an article on about Spacebook and finishing your projects in general. Spacebook was the first iOS app I ever created myself, and I think its API was only the 3rd or 4th Rails project I had ever worked on. It was also the first side project I've ever finished and released.

tools: keyboard, brain

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Prioritizing Sleep

I wrote an article for describing the changes I made to my relationship with sleep. Sleep was a large part of my recovery from my failed startup (Spork), but I also noticed that good sleep made me generally more motivated and productive. This article is about how quality sleep became one of the most important aspects of my life.

It's worth noting that this article is much better than it would have been thanks to Add Friedman's editing skills.

tools: keyboard, brain, a professional editor

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My open source contributions are unfortunately rare. This is a commit I made to a varnish gem, lacquer, which adds the ability to update the VCL config file without having to restart varnish. I found this to be a useful feature when testing varnish configurations on the Spacebook cluster.

tools: ruby, rails, varnish, vcl


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RubyMotion Addressbook

This is a very small and straightforward contribution to the Rubymotion Addressbook gem.

tools: ruby, rubymotion


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Moov is an iOS app that I built for a friend's company. It is still in beta and has not yet been released to the public.

The Moov iOS client is written in Rubymotion and the API service is a Rails app.

tools: rubymotion, ruby, rails, rspec, s3, heroku

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Eddy is a decision making tool that I built for my friends' company. It's still in beta, but the goal is to allow users to easily query their friends for advice about big decisions in their life, like going to college or buying a home.

Eddy is a Rails app hosted on Heroku.

tools: ruby, rails, rspec, html, sass, coffeescript, postgresql, heroku

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